The law of attraction, Part 1. Beyond Abraham.

Much has been said about the “law of attraction” elsewhere, particularly relating to channeling from Abraham/Hicks and The Secret. This is our own channeling on the subject, recorded live, and really addresses some of the disempowering aspects of what is commonly known. Press play below to listen:


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The transcript of the session is as follows: (this is for reference, but it is highly recommended you listen as there is much more connotation available when hearing the spoken word live)

We’ll start with basics. In the universe in which you reside, of course there are certain ‘laws’ that operates. There are certain agreements made on a combined level among all the people in the universe. Everyone has agreed that this is how things operate and this is the way reality will operate. This is what you refer to as ‘laws’. Gravity, for instance, is one. It’s a physical phenomenon. But it doesn’t have to be â???? you have chosen to make it this way. This is our reality, this is how we’re going to operate, so we’re all ‘cool’ with this. When you say the ‘law of attraction’, there is a fair about of truth to that, because that is what you have chosen as part of the collective reality that you have all built.

However, we see some problems with the oversimplification of this concept that has been presented recently. Obviously this as a concept has been in existence ever since all the people who wished to human decided to create the reality in which you now live, which happened a long, long time ago. We would like to restate some of what is known as the law of attraction in order to clarify some matters. However, as we said, this will be a 3 to 4 part series, and we would like to give the first of those parts now.


We would like you to think about your lives not necessarily in terms of things accomplished. Which what we realize how most people in your society view their lives. Instead, we would like you to begin to view your life in terms of experiences. All of you come pre-loaded, as it were, in each lifetime with some experiences you wish to encounter. Along the way, you make choices to either ditch some of those or to add new ones. All of you do this all the time â???? there are constantly choices being made depending on who you’re meeting up with and what agreements you are making, reneging, etc. So there is always this constant interplay of agreements, choices or decisions being made. All of these, of course, are experiences that you have. Now you may choose to grow from these experiences or may choose to disregard them entirely. Those choices are always up to you. If you choose to grow from an experience then, chances are next time you can move on to a new kind of experience. If you choose to ignore the experiences, then chances are you will continue to present yourself with the same type of experience over and over.


The law of attraction, then, is a little bit like that. You know, they say (‘they’ meaning whoever the scads of people are that teaching what is the law of attraction), that you attract to yourself what you give energy towards. Again, this is a gross oversimplification, but in terms of what we just said regarding experiences, you can see there are elements which really sound similar. In other words, if you choose to present yourself with an experience, and you choose to ignore that experience, or ignore the growth potential of the experience, then you will continue to most likely present yourself with similar experiences, so as to eventually see what growth there is from that type of experience. This feels a lot like attracting the same thing to yourself, over and over again. But it doesn’t really work that way on an energetic level, meaning that ‘the more you give energy to something, you’re going to get back the same thing.’ No, because everything you do, everything you do in life, is always a choice. There is no magic universal energy that decides to bring good things or bad things to you. It is always you choosing to have experiences, and you choosing to make something of those experiences, if you choose to make anything at all.



Another point we wish to make is in terms of, again, another perceptual difference. It is true that many of you perceive life, your lives, the lives around you and the universe as a whole, as a place that’s rather forbidding, and a place you have to resist because it’s going to act against you. You realize that this mindset comes of course from fear, a place of not accepting reality, of not accepting the fact that you choose your life, and not accepting that everyone else is really making their own choices and not thinking that much about yours. So the concept of creating your own reality again has quite a bit of merit, but that has been oversimplified as well. Yes, you are creating your own reality, you are all collectively creating reality all the time, you are always making choices. And when we say ‘always’, we mean that within each breath you are constantly choosing, 1) continue breathing, 2) operate your body as you have, 3) to perceive things the way that you do, and not to change it in an instant, which of course you have the ability to do. Believe it or not, you can change your perception like that (snap) if you want to. Typically you do not choose to do that, as there can be other repercussions from a choice like (as there are repercussions from every choice) that that might create difficulties and further perceptual problems that may be one day uncomfortable. So you might not choose that. But you are always free, of course, to make any choice that you wish, and as such, are always continuing to create what exists around you and create who you are inside.


This is part 1 of a series and will be continued!

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