16 12, 2007

The Law of Attraction Part 2 – Beyond Abraham / Hicks

December 16th, 2007|channeling, love, podcast|1 Comment

Much has been said about the “law of attraction” elsewhere, particularly relating to channeling from Abraham/Hicks and The Secret. This is our own channeling on the subject from entities on the causal plane, recorded live, and really addresses some of the disempowering aspects of what is commonly known.? Press play below to listen to part 2.


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26 11, 2007

The law of attraction, Part 1. Beyond Abraham.

November 26th, 2007|channeling, love, podcast|3 Comments

Much has been said about the “law of attraction” elsewhere, particularly relating to channeling from Abraham/Hicks and The Secret. This is our own channeling on the subject, recorded live, and really addresses some of the disempowering aspects of what is commonly known. Press play below to listen:


You can listen to this via iTunes via this link: View in iTunes


The transcript of the session is as follows: (this is for reference, but it is highly recommended you listen as there is much more connotation available when hearing the spoken word live)

We’ll start with basics. In the universe in which you reside, of course there are certain ‘laws’ that operates. There are certain agreements made on a combined level among all the people in the universe. Everyone has agreed that this is how things operate and this is the way reality will operate. This is what you refer to as ‘laws’. Gravity, for instance, is one. It’s a physical phenomenon. But it doesn’t have to be â???? you have chosen to make it this way. This is our reality, this is how we’re going to operate, so we’re all ‘cool’ with this. When you say the ‘law of attraction’, there is a fair about of truth to that, because that is what you have chosen as part of the collective reality that you have all built.

However, we see some problems with the oversimplification of this concept that has been presented recently. Obviously this as a concept has been in existence ever since all the people who wished to human decided to create the reality in which you now live, which happened a long, long time ago. We would like to restate some of what is known as the law of attraction in order to clarify some matters. However, as we said, this will be a 3 to 4 part series, and we would like to give the first of those parts now.


We would like you to think about your lives not necessarily in terms of things accomplished. Which what we realize how most people in your society view their lives. Instead, we would like you to begin to view your life in terms of experiences. All of you come pre-loaded, as it were, in each lifetime with some experiences you wish to encounter. Along the way, you make choices to either ditch some of those or to add new ones. All of you do this all the time â???? there are constantly choices being made depending on who you’re meeting up with and what agreements you are making, reneging, etc. So there is always this constant interplay of agreements, choices or decisions being made. All of these, of course, are experiences that you have. Now you may choose to grow from these experiences or may choose to disregard them entirely. Those choices are always up to you. If you choose to grow from an experience then, chances are next time you can move on to a new kind of experience. If you choose to ignore the experiences, then chances are you will continue to present yourself with the same type of experience over and over.


The law of attraction, then, is a little bit like that. You know, they say (‘they’ meaning whoever the scads of people are that teaching what is the law of attraction), that you attract to yourself what you give energy towards. Again, this is a gross oversimplification, but in terms of what we just said regarding experiences, you can see there are elements which really sound similar. In other words, if you choose to present yourself with an experience, and you choose to ignore that experience, or ignore the growth potential of the experience, then you will continue to most likely present yourself with similar experiences, so as to eventually see what growth there is from that type of experience. This feels a lot like attracting the same thing to yourself, over and over again. But it doesn’t really work that way on an energetic level, meaning that ‘the more you give energy to something, you’re going to get back the same thing.’ No, because everything you do, everything you do in life, is always a choice. There is no magic universal energy that decides to bring good things or bad things to you. It is always you choosing to have experiences, and you choosing to make something of those experiences, if you choose to make anything at all.



Another point we wish to make is in terms of, again, another perceptual difference. It is true that many of you perceive life, your lives, the lives around you and the universe as a whole, as a place that’s rather forbidding, and a place you have to resist because it’s going to act against you. You realize that this mindset comes of course from fear, a place of not accepting reality, of not accepting the fact that you choose your life, and not accepting that everyone else is really making their own choices and not thinking that much about yours. So the concept of creating your own reality again has quite a bit of merit, but that has been oversimplified as well. Yes, you are creating your own reality, you are all collectively creating reality all the time, you are always making choices. And when we say ‘always’, we mean that within each breath you are constantly choosing, 1) continue breathing, 2) operate your body as you have, 3) to perceive things the way that you do, and not to change it in an instant, which of course you have the ability to do. Believe it or not, you can change your perception like that (snap) if you want to. Typically you do not choose to do that, as there can be other repercussions from a choice like (as there are repercussions from every choice) that that might create difficulties and further perceptual problems that may be one day uncomfortable. So you might not choose that. But you are always free, of course, to make any choice that you wish, and as such, are always continuing to create what exists around you and create who you are inside.


This is part 1 of a series and will be continued!

6 11, 2007

That childlike state, and Love.

November 6th, 2007|love, podcast|30 Comments

There is so much we can learn from children. Most of us are disconnected from that childlike quality inside ourselves, that innocent state of joyful wonder that makes love for children so natural. In fact, we can think that that the only way to experience that state is vicariously through our children. We can restrict our boisterous play to only be in the company of children, and make sure we always make â??˜sense’ in the company of adults.

And yet, much of the education of children is really a movement away from wonderful qualities that would greatly serve society. By the time adulthood is reached, through public schools and the gauntlet of teenagedom, there can easily be layers upon layers of defences, filters, and preconceptions that prevent the wonder of a child and guileless expression. We are taught a learning of accumulation of facts and how to act in such a way that is â??˜normal’. In spite of the tremendous value we know children have, we are in some way denying that value, by trying to exclusively teach them while not learning from them. We don’t see them as equals, as Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg, author of “Nonviolent communication”, says in his article on raising children compassionately.

Children, in their simple wisdom of being who they are, have tremendous amounts to teach and remind us.How easy it is to break down in tears when a child touches your cheek after noticing some held back sadness.Being silly and unrestrainedly playful around a child is the most natural thing in the world.They remind us what is truly important in life.And what they teach us, via the characteristics they model, can be applied to all of life, not just our interaction with them.

To help see this, I’ve listed a number of characteristics young children have that we could all learn from. It is these characteristics that epitomize Love.

  • Vulnerability. This is not only an absolute open sense of trust and visibility of self, but also the rapidity at which the task at hand takes complete focus. It is when a child (or adult) is most like themselves, without any apology or attempt to be anything else. True vulnerability always results in more openness, more allowing, and therefore, more Love. We feel this around children, and it is this sense that we respond to in children. A baby is completely vulnerable, completely open to the manipulations of life force around it, yet at the same time, is completely trusting that this process will result in continued life, growth, and for all intents and purposes, Love.
  • Harmony. Children are not separate from their environment, their parents, or even themselves. If their parents are upset, they will feel it too. There is no intellectualizing the experience, no controlling of their actions. They feel the state of their surroundings, which includes themselves, and at the same time naturally move towards a balance. Because of this, problems do not accumulate. If they are upset, they scream. If they are sad, they cry. The next moment is often something completely different, as any parent knows!
  • A sense of perpetual wonder. Simply mouthing the phrase ‘it brought me back to being a child again’ conveys this. Life is vivid, full of vibrancy and new discoveries behind every corner. There’s new ways of seeing and interacting with even familiar objects. Children have that sense of wonder because they’re completely present in the moment, immersed in the explosion of colors around them at every moment in humble appreciation.
  • Exploration beyond “right” and “wrong”. As my previous post, The Beauty of Gray mentions, we tend to get locked into black and white thinking. Something is either good for us or bad, and all our interactions with it is based on this label we have. Children interact directly. And because of this, they are in a perpetual state of exploration. There is no “wrong” behavior – they see nothing strange about putting corn chips down your pants if the mood suits it. (I have personal experience with this!).
  • Leaning through play. This is the utmost extension of the previous point. With nothing ‘wrong’, every action is playful. Silliness makes more sense than seriousness, because it voices the absurdity of trying to control and label all the experiences occurring. And learning occurs very quickly because of the open state of the child.
  • Trust. There are no worries in a child’s mind beyond the immediate moment.There is simply a powerful trust that all they need will be there.

All of these states, of course, are as accessible to adults as they are to children. But for the most part, we have been educated away from such means of interacting with each other, and even with children.But this education can be discarded.

The next time you are with a young child, be a young child yourself. Don’t put on a mask of acting child-like, such as faces and ‘goo-goo’ sounds. Play as if nothing mattered. Relate to them from a place of equality, for they are teaching you as much as you are teaching them. Know that their vulnerability is at the same time incredibly fragile and immensely powerful, and that this dichotomy also resides within you.

‘I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, â???’

It is of course very humorous that millions of people have quoted the Bible on becoming like a little child without making any movement whatsoever towards that effect themselves. Being childlike is in essence the same as being full of Love. It is a state of playful unity and harmony to the surroundings, appreciating and welcoming the uniqueness of everyone in the world. It is a state of continual transformation with no end in sight. It is a state both of incredible fragility that comes from vulnerability and of incredible power to affect, like what you see in the eyes of a child.

It is you.

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21 10, 2007

The nature of community (Podcast!)

October 21st, 2007|channeling, podcast|3 Comments

Announcement: This site is now podcasting!

The podcasts will be a growing library of channeled and non-channeled material related to this site. If you’re not familiar with channeling, it is essentially how information was accessed for Conversations with God, the Seth material, and the material surrounding the Law of Attraction. It is quite natural, and most people channel without realizing it. Essentially, channeling means connecting to beings on other planes of existence – and usually beings with enormous awareness, compassion, and love. Every time we connect with these being we’re filled with such vision, and from there we try to bring it into our every day lives. Hopefully these podcasts give a more direct glimpse of what we’re involved with. So let’s get started. This time – on community!

Podcast #1: The nature of community

(lost in the midst of blog updates)   but for reference, here is the transcript:

The nature of community and what we can do to help build it.

We would like to remind you this evening that at all times each one of you is concerned with building, creating, maintaining, and living in community. This is the largest part, we would say, of the human experience, for without others, there is no interaction, there is no growth, there is no experience, and there is no Love. Although, we hasten to add that Love of course exists whether or not you experience it through others (through your interaction with others), or simply alone though yourself and your own introspection and perceptions of the universe. So we repeat again that it is the creation, the building, and the maintaining of community that takes up the majority of the human experience.

If we were to define community, we would define it thusly: Community is the combined spirit of those involved. It is very simple. That is all it is. Since each of you possesses within you the vastness of the universe, each of you brings this to all the myriad communities of various sizes and composition that you take part in. Therefore each of you brings a completeness to all the communities in which you participate.

However, it is the nature also of being human that you experience separateness and isolation. This often brings within you a great sense of sadness that can be pervasive and difficult to see through. There are, then, operating within each of you, two seemingly opposing forces.One of the creation, building and maintaining community, and the other of stark isolation and separation.We would say that it is this seeming constant struggle that occupies many of you for lifetimes. Especially as you gain experience and knowledge through the reincarnational cycle, you bring with you each time you incarnate additional memories of what existence is like when not in human form. It is during those times that you experience the sublime sense of connection with all that is, and this dim half memory accompanies many of you as you incarnate in human form. There is resistance, then, to living life on Earth (as you see it in your perception), resistance to allowing yourself to become immersed in the experience that you are having. While on the one hand this presents you with many unique and often interesting challenges, there is as we said an accompanying and pervasive sadness that also can plague you.

We would offer you, then, some tools if we may, to help you see through the mask of isolation that you have wrapped yourself in, and to help you feel a connection with all the communities that already exist within and around you, and as a part of you. In fact we offer the thought that even hearing these words, or reading them, may help transform your perception to a degree where you can allow yourself to acknowledge the community that already exists. There is no need to strive to build community and create something which already exists. You have community because you are human. That is your community, and allowing yourself the perception of being totally here, now, will allow you possibly to sense the completeness and the perfection of the community that you are already a part of.

Changing the subject slightly, we wish to point out that in common usage for most of you, the word ‘community’ is really more what we would term as a ‘group’, meaning a collection of people, possibly like-minded people, or people moving along a certain path to a certain degree together. However, when we say ‘community’ we like to bring it down to its basic element, to commune, meaning to be one with, and to remind you now and forevermore: Every time you hear this word ‘community’, you will be reminded on some level that you already posses a oneness with all that is, and there is nothing you can do to separate from that oneness. So if you should hear at some point, talk about ‘warring communities’, you can smile a little at yourself, thinking ‘that’s ridiculous’, because community means a oneness with all that is, and how can one single thing possibly be at war with itself? And again you will be reminded that because of your humanity, you are already one with everything else there is.

Question: The follow up question is more in terms of conscious recognition of this state. Group dynamics are more of a co-creative atmosphere. In other words, it is not simply the individual that promotes the recognition of the interconnectedness of all. So what are productive ways to go about promoting this as a group consciousness, seeing as that we are already connected and one with each other, but we can certainly learn something on living it?

If it is your desire to be a part of various groups that operate at what we loosely say as a ‘higher level’ of awareness than other groups that you may be involved with, we would suggest then that if possible, you engage in some energetic exercises together as a group. We are somewhat amused by the image of the members of say, large corporations all standing out in an empty parking lot doing jumping jacks. And while that is an exercise that could be performed that would help raise this group dynamic, this consciousness if you will, there are many ways of promoting exercises on a group level that would also have the same desired effect. In essence, any time you can get a group of people of doing essentially the same thing at the same time will have that effect, whether it is jumping jacks on an empty parking lot, rooting for the same team, ganging up on someone in an online discussion group, or joining a social networking group in order to send ‘energetic tendrils’ to one another. Any time a group of people is performing essentially the same action at the same time it will have this effect. The more of these actions that can be performed, the more changes are enacted upon the group, and the more intricate the dynamic becomes. We would say also to remind you that each group of people has its own consciousness to some degree that is separate from the individual consciousnesses that make up the group, and it is the nature of this consciousness to change, evolve, and transform, just as your own does. This ‘consciousness’, if you will (and it is not a perfect term by any means), can be altered under many conditions. It is most preferable, as we said before, to do this under a combined group effort, but a group consciousness can be altered by a single individual who is part of the group, simply from their own desire to enact changes upon the group’s consciousness. You have likely seen this in action.

Changes to a group’s consciousness can also occur as the result from reverberations from situations and occurrences that happen to other groups around the globe. There is, of course, a rippling effect throughout all of humanity, from any occurrence anywhere.Certain types of occurrences have a greater degree of effect on different types of groups.The permutations are too numerous to go into at this time.

All of this, of course, is part of the interplay under the general framework called Love.