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Just to ease your exploration, here are some favorites of ours. Note that all articles will include the themes of Love and Awareness, with a focus on allowing and seeing the perfection of whatever is happening in the present moment. You can also read About Loving Awareness for more information on the material and the writers.  Enjoy!


The allowing of pain – Pain is not the enemy, and it controls us only when we try to deny it. Showing the potential of what happens when it is fully allowed.

Joy at all times – A description of what joy is, what brings it about, and how it is available at all times, even in the midst of pain or other intense experiences.

The innocence of anger – This oft criticized and vital emotion serves a very worthwhile purpose.

Being Present with Emotions – How simply allowing emotions as they are transforms them. There being no such thing as “negative” emotions.


The Unity in Love – An invitation to go into non-duality in the space of relationships and your life. Seeing how loving yourself is loving another and vice versa. A great help for moving relationships into healing and joy.

The prison of Emotional Denial – A clear image of how unclaimed emotions work in relationships. They pull us back and forth so that eventually our freedom is greatly constrained. An invitation to be whole in whatever emotion you are experiencing.

Thought Processes

The Beauty of Gray – Going beyond black and white thinking and seeing the beauty in all the multitudes of shades and colors in the world and inside our lives. Moving to a life of beauty.

A perspective on beliefs – How beliefs and preconceptions feel like in the body. A great exercise on being big.

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