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When someone near me uses the word “Love”, I usually ask what precisely do they mean by it.  I’m not trying to grill them or engage in Socratic trickery; I actually am curious.  The idea and archetype of love affects us so profoundly on levels we can’t fully understand.  I think it’s vitally important to continually ask this questions, and more : to be curious about ourselves, our dynamics and ask “is this a loving dynamic”.


While there is a focus on love, it’s not always spiritual, nor is it all “lovey-dovey” or all positive thinking. I think a lot of the hollywood movies and new-age think is crap. Having a loving relationship, loving yourself, or simply being aware of yourself involves welcoming all parts of you, including the childish, petty, clinging, or painful parts of yourself.  It also means not focusing on that and seeing all of that as part of something expansive and spacious.   Sometimes I refer to psychology, sometimes to specific spiritual teachers, and sometimes to organized religious thought such as Buddhism.  Sometimes the upper case L (Love) is used, simply to remind you that it is far bigger than whatever concept you have of it – no matter how evolved you are already. It is often easy to get lost in the emotional aspects and cultural connotations of this concept. This site therefore includes psychology, relationship issues, emotions, meditations, career focus issues, and many topics under the umbrella of “personal growth”.

I should also add that I am on my own healing journey. I too – I believe like most people – have had traumas in my past and therefore have blind spots and defenses. I try to recognize and be honest about this and also of the tendencies that would try to create an identity as a “healer” and someone people should think of as having more valuable thought than them. Many people go into psychology as a defense, rather than as an example of how to live.  So I humbly try to present myself as who I am, with all my faults, at least as well as I can recognize them.

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Tremor is a teacher, writer, coach, and sometimes activist living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He is a founding member of the federal Work Less Party of Canada, a party about less consumerism and more community and interconnection. He is a world traveler, having been to most of the continents on the Earth, with a special connection with India, where he spent 6 months exploring and learning. Aside from channeled material, Tremor has been a student of the teachings of Krishnamurthi, Ramana Maharishi, Eckhart Tolle, Buddhism, Sufism, and Taoism. Tremor is also totally with the Dalai Lama when he says “my religion is love” – he strives to practising loving-kindness towards everyone, including Steven Harper. Really, he needs it.

To contact Tremor please email him at Tremor (at) loving-awareness.org .

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